Live Expertise

Extend Your Thinking. Expand Your Actions. Collaborate and Inspire

What if someone could guide you through exactly what you need to know right now, enabling you to unravel the complexity, achieve your objectives, and leapfrog your career?

 We're here to help you.

Live Expertise sessions are customized to meet the needs of motivated and engaged professionals.  It’s like having dedicated experts at your fingertips, focused entirely on helping you move forward and overcome barriers to success – at the personal, team, and organizational levels.
Live Expertise Sessions are designed with you in mind.  What you need, when you need it.

  • Are you keen to discuss how to take your career to the next level, building a plan to bolster your knowledge and skills in key financing or risk management areas, strategic or functional?
  • Is your team struggling with a structured finance problem relating to due diligence, risk mitigation, documentation, or funding terms?
  • Do you need to brainstorm on strategic positioning and opportunities, to differentiate from your institutional peers?

These sessions offer real-time expertise, collaboration, and guidance in all areas of innovative/structured finance and risk management – in a one-on-one or group format.

Timely, focused, tangible feedback and advice.  Helping you overcome roadblocks and advance initiatives.

Are you ready to become a game changer?

How we'll work with you

Prepare to open new vistas to immediately up your game in innovative finance and risk management, by stimulating, illuminating and challenging your thinking. Positioning emerging trends and issues firmly within your strategic context helps you improve your decision-making and effectiveness. 

You want practical, hands-on, experiential learning

We are actual deal-doers – seasoned professionals with decades of experience structuring and closing complex innovative financings around the globe, including leading-edge blended finance transactions.

You have a different perspective

You may work for a development agency, an impact investor, or a foundation. We speak your language. We’ve held senior positions with leading public, private and not-for profit entities – we understand your needs, goals and challenges.

You want to innovate

Sustainable finance – including blended and structured finance – looks for new ways to solve persistent funding problems. It can be opaque and complex; we make it clear and simple. We build from basic concepts to advanced structures.

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